The key element in a photo shoot is to create an image that perceives motion and emotion...

Grabbing the viewers attention is not an easy thing to do, but Catherine Asanov’s fast paced lifestyle shows in her work. Whether it’s an image of complete stillness, it’s objective is to move the audience.

Catherine grew up in the fast paced city of Moscow and never stopped moving forward from there. After graduating Valedictorian from Savannah College of Art & Design and traveling Europe, and shooting for clients such as the American Heart Association and various publications, her feet naturally moved her the the sunny Los Angeles, where she began to work with more designers and celebrities.

Currently, Catherine is undertaking projects in creative development and helping businesses and artists to see into the future of their careers and opportunities.  

“Being a photographer allows me to not only take the picture, but also to give advice to the client and models….this is why my career has begun to run into areas of creative development and production. Seeing past the immediate picture and visualizing the bigger picture is the story here..”


 Being labeled as mainly a fashion photographer, Catherine has always corrected people to say that she is a “Style Photographer”. Seeing style in every avenue of photography, Catherine does not limit herself to just fashion.

“This makes me a diverse photographer. MY style still remains, but I see style and fashion in everything...because it’s important to see different visions.”

Currently, Asanov is the Creative Developer on the opening of Em’s Artist Cafe, as well as the Brand Developer for Thread Society. Thread Society is an innovative new technology that creates the opportunity for people that are focused on delivering fashion products. The mission is to give exposure to emerging independent brands by creating a platform that allows them to market their products.

“My vision as a photographer is to see the world as a blank canvas unto which we paint our every visions.  Art has always reflected what society is, I believe it’s time to reflect upon what it could be.”