Fine & Pop Artist: Fawni Pschill


Fawni began her career early on and was considered a prodigy since the first viewing of her art. Born in Vienna Austria, in 1985, Stefanie “Fawni” Pschill was destined to go into the arts, being the daughter of Paul Simon Hill, a leading figure in the artistic community in her hometown of Vienna.

In 2008, Fawni's work was featured in Vienna at the Atelier Stumppergasse . Her work was well received and there was an immediate demand for her artwork as her paintings were quickly sought after on the local art scene. Within a very short period, Fawni’s paintings were in high demand, and they were snapped up at a feverish pace. It must be noted that this feat was accomplished with no professional representation, a testament to her unique talent.

Inspired by many great modern artists, such as Warhol, Basquiat, Rauschenberg, and Lichtenstein, as well as classical artists like Goya, Munch, Picasso, and most notably her father Paul Simon Hill. Fawni’s paintings are unique and striking, and always makes an impression on anyone who views them. With no classical training, Fawni quickly established her own style, which defies categorization. Her paintings are warm, vivacious, audacious, and striking. It seems that Fawni has perfected a mélange of deeply disturbing and thought-provoking images, coupled with an innocent joy. The work is very youthful, almost childish in a way, but also with an unflagging sense of maturity. She is considered one of the most promising artist in today’s art community, her art makes an impression on those who view her work.

Series: "Packing List Of A Jetsetter"

Note from Curator David F. Zambrana:

I chose this series for its whimsy and allusion to Fashion.

The Jet-setter in all its connotations represents the consumer of all fine things, not the least of them being Fashion. The Jet-setter travels from one marvelous destination to another living the life of grandeur & correctness, while wearing the finest of fashion, but with this series we jump into a world less opaque, where transitory illusions of propriety are dispelled by the overt vulgarity of some of this Jet-setters “must haves,” as they are listed alongside some proper items Fashionistas will never do without.

Enjoy! dfz

5' x 3' Painting on Giclée on Stretched Canvas.