Gabriel Jeffrey Photography

Having worn many hats in his career from art director and web designer to photographer and author, Jeffrey defines what it means to create.  He’s worked for ad agencies like Arnold Worldwide and David & Goliath.  He launched an online confessional site called Group Hug and then wrote a book about it.  He’s done editorial photography for magazines like Nylon and Lemon, and then bought a 1963 Ford Falcon and fixed it up.  He’s directed music videos, and next, he wants to tackle features…a “Western” to be exact.  He’s equal parts Indiana Jones and Steve Jobs with a pinch of Ty Webb and a dash of Marquis de Sade thrown in for good measure.  But all of this is par for the course for the kid from Marysville, California who at 14 got his start designing signs, buttons and a billboard for a local city council candidate running for office.

                                    Russell Gustave Ochoa

Gabriel is a visual artist working in Los Angeles and New York City. Gabriel practices photography, film and graphic design.