Scott was born and raised in Louisiana enjoying the many cultural attributes that the redneck state offers. Spending his childhood on the Bayou fishing and eating crawfish gave way to artistic exploration through music which became a primary source of income from age 15-21.  Scott first became acquainted with photography in Middle school while working in his uncle’s camera store in Mississippi during the summer. The camera quickly became a constant companion and tool for exploring an alternative way of looking at the world.

Early aspirations of designing fashion combined with photography gave way to a career shooting fashion and Scott has since lived and worked in Europe and the U.S. shooting Advertising, campaigns, and Editorials. Scott has recently focused attention on directing film, exploring short form work and commercials, he was chosen as one of the 2008 Spotlab – Group 101 commercial directors and is currently shooting commercials and print campaigns.

Scott’s most recent still photography project is an underwater series entitled “An Inevitable Consequence” which was inspired by the events of Hurricane Katrina. The collection explores themes of cause and affect and features some technically and visually challenging ideas that are delivered through the portal of a dreamlike visual state.

Scott splits his time between Los Angeles and his home in Telluride Colorado where he lives with his wife and 2 young girls, a cat named Elvis, and a 150lb great pyrenes named Boudreaux.

Artist’s statement for “An Inevitable consequence”

Preservation of the original state that this work was conceived remained key in bringing the images to life. After hurricane Katrina, I began waking in the middle of the night and journaling the storybook like visuals which were oppressively beautiful in ways, yet serene and hopeful. Everyone knew that it was inevitable that New Orleans would eventually suffer this type of fate so the idea of visually exploring cause and effect, actions and consequence, gave way to the common theme of this collection.

The weightless environment of the underwater world and behavior of light in water set a stage for creating a world that cannot be replicated above ground. Collaboration of the many talented people, bravery of the talent, and common belief in the idea that something magical was going to happen were all components that made for the perfect alignment of events for a project like this to be created.

Scott Rhea